In BeTWEEN Girls

In beTWEEN Girls is an organization dedicated to empowering the lives of pre-teen girls by teaching them self worth, self confidence, boundaries, and to love and accept themselves. The program provides tools that enhances their ability to connect with their inner voice, and appreciate their own uniqueness. Through techniques such as mindfulness, positive thought, yoga, and fun, and inspiration crafts and activities, the girls can begin to easily navigate through this confusing and a somewhat emotional time in their lives. Our In beTWEEN Girls will discover their natural talents, self fulfillment, volunteerism, and invaluable life skills.

In beTWEEN Girls offers empowerment workshops, leadership programs, Day Camps and parent workshops (including some parent-child classes). However, our Mentorship Program may be our most enriching program for both the pre-teen girls and their teen Mentors.

All of the girls gain the experience and confidence needed to emerge as capable, determined, and inspiring young women in our community. They leave with fun memories, friendships, clear paths, mindfulness, and an inner strength that will last throughout their lives.