Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the program? 

In beTWEEN Girls Mentorship Program is designed to give your child an opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with a positive Teen Role Model. In beTWEEN Girls is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of young girls, focusing on the ages of 8-12 years old. The programs teach self awareness, goal setting, respect, and fosters caring and supporting relationships with all of the girls, Mentors, and leaders in our community. Through these relationships, as well as recreational and group activities, Mentors provide friendship, support, and guidance to your child. All of our programs offer support on topics that TWEEN girls may be facing.  It teaches the girls to love themselves from the inside out, and to really believe that they are worthy and good enough as they are.


What will my daughter learn from a teen Mentor? 

A Mentoring relationship is special  because it is a one-on-one relationship. Even girls that feel very close to their parents sometimes need to talk with friends outside of the family. The Mentor is a confidant with whom your child can talk about things that concern her. Our program is structured with monthly focuses that the Mentors are trained in. The activities will be related to the topic and conversations will most likely revolve around this positive task and lesson. However, the young TWEENS develop a freedom of being able to talk to their Mentor about anything that is on their minds. They understand that their teen Mentor just went through it not too long ago, and can relate to what they are going through. This helps build a personal, trustworthy relationship where they can receive sound advice.     


How much should I say about family problems/ concerns? 

Our program is designed to teach positive, uplifting messages, but there is some very important private time for the Mentors and TWEENS to bond. If you would like the Mentor to address your concerns with your daughter at that time, you are welcomed to contact us about them in advance. Please discuss it with one of the Board Members and avoid talking about it in front of your child.


What is the Recruitment process and requirements for the Mentors and TWEENS? 

Mentors complete a written application, including three references. They then participate in a one-on-one interview with the Board of Directors, at which time they learn about the program in detail, and we get to know them and their background. After completing the interview process, the Mentor must attend multiple training sessions.    TWEENS also complete a written application, which includes a parent/guardian consent form. We ask that parents attend an orientation held during the beginning of September to receive more information about the program and our guidelines.


How are the girls Matched? 

The Board of Directors matches Mentors and TWEENS based on shared interests and personality. Unfortunately, we may not be able to match everyone who applies at this time. We simply do not have equal numbers of Mentors and TWEENS. If a TWEEN mentee is not matched, please understand that it is not because she is not “qualified” for the program. Instead she is placed on the one-on-one Mentorship program waiting list, and has the opportunity to participate in our wonderful Group Mentoring program and stay involved in all activities, workshops and programs that we offer. If a TWEEN mentee applicant is matched, their Mentor will contact them by phone to let them know, and will host a special activity where they will be introduced to their Mentor.