In BeTWEEN Girls Programs


One-On-One Mentorship Program:

Teen Mentors are carefully screened and selected based on their ability to be a strong, positive role model. They are then paired with the most compatible In beTWEEN Girls TWEEN to offer guidance and encouragement. In beTWEEN Girls has a monthly focus on a uplifting and inspirational topic that our Teen Mentors are trained in. One-on-one activities, that will help develop personal, trust worthy relationships will offer support with topics such as peer pressure, friendships/relationships problems, body image, school issues, and decision making skills. The program offers advancement opportunities in our organization for the Teen Mentors as well as scholarship possibilities! The young In beTWEEN Girls learn to strengthen their interpersonal and leadership skills, and work their way up to be a Mentor to the new girls that come into the program.

Group Mentoring:

We will also offer structured group Mentoring programs to those girls that wish to develop to their fullest potential, but are not able to participate in our one-on-one program.  These social activities give the girls a chance to get together, have fun and they catch up on our topics in one afternoon.  Along with program-wide activities, our Board of Directors and Teen Mentors coordinate other events throughout the year for pairs and our large groups. We strongly believe in giving back and host many outreach and volunteer activities. The girls all have an opportunity to work on rewarding service projects, and take part in and/or help plan fundraising efforts to support our Mentor Scholarships.  This is to encourage a sense of community within in our program and creates a chance for all of our girls to get to know each other better.

Please see our EVENTS Page to see upcoming meetings and events.   

TWEEN Empowerment & Leadership Workshops:

In beTWEEN Girls has a monthly focus and topic which the Teen Mentors are trained in and our meetings are structured around.  In addition to this, our Empowerment and Leadership Workshops will co-inside with these important topics.  Some example of our upcoming workshops are:

  • Self Love & Self Worth
  • Body Image
  • TWEEN Stress
  • Confidence
  • Social Media

Please see our EVENTS Page to see the upcoming Workshops dates and times.

Parent Workshops:

These Workshops are designed to strengthen and deepen your connection with your pre-teen daughter.  Effective tools and strategies will be taught by local professionals who will serve as resources for parents in areas such as:

  • Protecting your daughter in the age of Social Media
  • Maintaining Respect and Communication during this transitional TWEEN stage
  • Improve communication with your daughter regarding the challenging subject of bullying and cyberbullying
  • Understanding and Reducing TWEEN Power Struggles
  • Enhancing your daughters self-esteem and confidence

Please see our EVENTS Page to see the upcoming Workshops dates and times.

Parent-Child Bonding Classes:

Periodically, In beTWEEN Girls will hold workshops or classes that enhances the parent-child relationship.  Our focus will be on having fun together while building a strong, trust worthy bond.  Activities will support effective communication and personal growth between the parent and daughter.

Please see our EVENTS Page to see the upcoming Workshops dates and times.